Touyama Kintaro
Name Touyama Kintaro
Gender Male
Height 180 cm
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Professional Status
Affiliation DDS
Occupation Student /Construction worker
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Touyama Kintaro is a Q Class student and one of the main protagonists. His nickname is Kinta.

In the live-action series, he is played by Kaname Jun.


His father is the police chief and an old good friend of Morihiko Dan.

Kinta moved out of home due to a family dispute. He now lives alone and works part-time in different jobs, going from one job to another.


He has a great physical strength having mastered judo, kendo, and karate (10 dan each). It proves to be useful as it often helps Class Q to capture or defeat the culprits. He also has a very keen sense of vision, hearing, and smell, which are greater than anyone else's. His tough personality as well as his excellent senses have been proven to be very useful at times.

Kinta often mocks Kazuma's high tech approach to detective work, preferring instead to rely on his "instinct".

Though part of Q Class, Kinta has a lower deduction skills than those of the A Class. He often relies on luck and instinct rather than the detective approach.