Prediction of Prefecture Capital Bombing

Fukushima, Chiba, Hyougo , Nagasaki, one of the prefecture will be blown up.

Case Edit

A bomb threat was sent to the police about one of the four prefecture being blown up by terrorist. And the task is to figure out which one will be blown up. Previously the criminal sent a toy bomb and made a big impact on three other prefectures, namely, Iwate, Shimane, Aichi.

The clues are the same for the three prefectures, the bombs were placed on prefectural offices. Therefore the next target will be the Hyogo Prefecture.

Story Edit

After the class being dismissed for the holiday season, Kyu decided to talk with his P.E. Teacher about a bomb threat. Kyu decided to ask his teacher where the next incident will happen. After looking at the map, his teacher exercise to think about the bomb threat. He also talked about going to apply for the Dan Detective Academy. While riding on the train, Kyu talked about the answer to the question.