Miss Yurie
Miss yurie
Name Miss Yurie
Gender Female
Eyes brown
Hair black
Professional Status
Affiliation Meiosei
Occupation none
Partner Kerberos
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Miss Yurie is one of the main antagonist of the series.


In both the live action and the manga. Miss Yurie takes care of Amakusa Ryu. Despite being his caretaker, she was also one of the people who planned on framing a murder on him. She was also the one who gave Nanami hints about Ryu being part of Meiosei. She also manipulates some of the criminals of the series.

Since Meiosei never use their hands on murder, Nanami and Dan never had any kind of evidence pinning her down. She also sometimes talks to Nanami and asks him for a date around town.


Miss Yurie always appears wearing a white dress with a white parosel. She is seldom seen wearing disguises unlike her partner Kerberos.