Minami Megumi (Live Action)
Gender Female
Eyes brown
Hair black
Professional Status
Affiliation DDS, Class Q
Occupation Student
Team Class Q
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance


Megumi used to go to a school for highly intelligent kids, where she once met Ryu but because her memories were erased she couldn't remember anything about Ryu. She is the only female in Q Class and as stated in the Collector's case Megu and Kyu are both only in Junior High.


The Megu in the live action is definitely different from the one in both the anime and manga. Megu was open and nonchalant about most of the things and would go thru lengths just to obtain the information she wanted.

She is also easily irritated as shown in the Special where she was annoyed with Kyu for getting dust on her rubber shoes.

During the first few episodes of the Live action, she was a bit hesitant on interacting with the other members of the Q class because of the competition among the the students to be Dan's successor, but after experiencing different cases with Ryu and Kyu, she finally opened up to them.


Minami has photographic memory which often helps the Q class in getting clues about certain murders.

She also has a high deduction abilities than average people. Though she can't solve cases on her own and would need other people to help her, she can understand most of the tricks used on her own.


Amakusa Ryu

- Megumi has a strange feeling that the two of them met before, but can't pinpoint where.

- She usually trust Ryu, but on the last cases, where he was being accused as the murderer, she was also disheartened and believed that he was the one who did it.


  • Megumi helps out in his sister's Maid Cafe and occasionally pops up still wearing her maid outfit.
  • Megu is actually popular in the Maid cafe and is in demand, to the point that there are people who pretends to be her on the internet.
  • Megu's actress was often linked to Ryu's actor.