Kazuma Narusawa (Live Action)
Gender Male
Eyes brown
Hair pink with a hint of blonde
Professional Status
Affiliation DDS, Class Q
Occupation Programmer, Student
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Kazuma Narusawa is considered as information broker of the group and the computer genius.


Kazuma is easily discourage in the live action. When he was stopped by Nanami with a simple elemental device, he gave up and didn't continue his pursuit.

He also believes in occult.As shown in Episode 1 of the Live-action he used a Norse Mythology spell in order to contact the ghost of the murdered victim.


Just like the other four students, Kazuma has good deduction skills and would often give hints to the other students by giving them riddles. He is also a good programmer and hacker as shown in the different episodes of the live action


Amakusa Ryu

Kazuma doesn't have a friendly relationship with Ryu. He felt bitter when Ryu was able to solve the locked room murder case And when he learned about the Pluto (Meiosei) he was also one of the members of the class who doubted Ryu's innocence and he was also convinced that he was the murderer.