Kazuma Narusawa
Name Kazuma Narusawa
Eyes dark brown
Hair dark brown
Professional Status
Affiliation DDS
Occupation Game Programmer, Student
Personal Status
Status aLive
First Appearance

Kazuma Narusawa is a student of Class Q and is one of the main protagonists. In the anime adaptation, he is voiced by Tomoko Kawakami.


Kazuma comes from a rich family and he's an expert in technology, computer, and codes. He can hack into a ship or crack a code easily. He is mostly seen carrying around his laptop everywhere. Ever since he was young, he already made games that sold rapidly in the markets. 

Kazuma is in Class Q along with Kyu, Megu, Kinta, and Ryu. In the anime, he initially hated Class Q because he thought that the class was the lowest class out of all the classes in DDS (during that time, no one is aware that it's the other way around). However, after an investigation of a coded dying message written on the computer, he realized that Class Q are his friends and that they truly care about him.


Kazuma is always seen with a computer. He often use the computer to analyze the group of people he is approaching. Most often than not, he judges them based on the data given to him by his laptop.

Throughout the series he is shown to be somewhat arrogant to the point that he goes off saying he'll solve the case himself using his technology.

Kazuma himself is always seen close to Kinta, who shares a friendly rivalry due to their different approaches to detective work. Kazuma and Kinta are often butting against each other's jokes.