Katagiri Shino
Name Katagiri Shino
Gender Female
Hair Light caramel
Professional Status
Affiliation DDS
Occupation Teacher
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 2

Katagiri Shino is the personal assistant of Dan Morihiko and one of his most trusted staff.


Katagiri, alongside Nanami and Hongou, was one of the very first students of DDS and personally trained by Morihiko Dan and his protege and potential heir Satoru Renjo.

After the event that supposedly destroyed Meiosei, she and her friends ran both the school and the detective office. She later became one of Morihiko's most trusted assistants.

In the live action, she is the one delivering case files to Class Q.


Difference between anime and mangaEdit

There are many differences between the anime and the manga.

In the anime, she made her debut in the first episode under a disguise as Misao Kurihara. After the case was solved by Kyu, Megu, and Kinta, she revealed her true identity to the trio and gave them a guide for the enrollment exams for DDS.

In the manga, she made her debut in the enrollment exams, never interacted with Kyu, Megu, or Kinta until later on.

Live Action Edit

Even though Katagiri is the secretary of Dan sensei she only appeared once in the entire series. Her job was mostly given to Nanami. She was first seen standing next to Dan Sensei after the trap set up by the academy.