In order to enter Dan Detective Academy, the students must solve a crime using only 2 pictures

Case Edit

In a villa with about -10 Celsius, a photographer was stabbed to death by a sharp object. The photographer has basic Judo knowledge. According to Megumi, the photo has 6 difference, the dust on the floor, the vase has fallen and other things. The school introduced 6 prime suspects where everyone doesn't have an alibi. A left-handed woman, a man injured on the head, a man injured on his arm, a man with a walking stick, an old man and on other versions, a cactus.

in Kyu's investigation the one who die the crime was the man with a walking stick. He used ice skates to travel to the crime scene and was injured after the fight with the photographer therefore he has to use the victim's shoes to walk to his villa. In the second picture the photographer's shoes were missing and is the vital clue in solving the case.

Story Edit

During the live action, the case allowed Megumi to reveal her photographic memory and for Kinta, Megu, Kyu and Ryu to meet each other. During the anime and manga, the team on the other hand allowed Kinta, Narusawa , Megu and Kinta to meet. It was also the first time that Megu trusted Kyu's thinking and stepped out of the car to follow the suspect of the case