Awaken! The Best Detective in the World!! Edit

This is the first episode of the anime series. 


Kyuu is just your ordinary middle school student, that wants to be a detective. After hearing that the famous Dan Detective Gakuen is currently open for new students, he quickly tells his mother of his dreams, but his mother doesn't want to hear any of it. She was against the very idea of Kyu being a detective, but before Kyu could hear any of her complains, he left to buy ingridients for dinner. Upon walking around the street he stumbled upon a man who just went out of the bank and was accused of being a theif.

Episodes ListEdit

# Title Air Date
1 Awaken! The Best Detective in the World!!" (目指せ!世界一の名探偵!!) April 15 2003
2 "A First Step to Dreams - The Entrance Exam Trap"" (夢の第一歩·入学試験の罠) April 22 2003