Amakusa Ryu (Live Action)
Gender Male
Hair Black
Professional Status
Affiliation Class Q
Occupation student
Personal Status
Status alive
First Appearance

Amakusa Ryu is one of the five students chosen by Dan to be his successor. 


Ryu is the complete opposite of Kyu. He always stick to the rules and would prioritize solving the case rather than obtaining the justice. In the first episode of the live-action he can be seen stopping after being able to get the evidence against the woman that they were suppose to be chasing.

As the series went by, he became more attached to his friends, going as far as taking the knife that was supposed to hit Kyu.


When Ryu was a boy, he saw his father hanging from the ceiling, dead. Ryu wasn't able to inherit any of his father's famous hotels and he was taken under the wing of his grandfather.

During his childhood years, he wasn't allowed to play or have any friends. One day when he figured out what their family business really is, he decided to stop his grandfather by going to Tantei Gakuen

Ryu was able to pass the exams that were given and became a member of Class Q.  But despite trying to go against his grandfather's wishes he was constantly followed by the members of Pluto and was even put to sleep just so prevent him from solving the case.